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All our caving trips include all equipment required for the day less underwear and socks, food and beer for during and after.

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Introduction to Caving   

Get to grips with the fundamentals. Give us one day and we’ll show you how! This course is designed for those who have some basic experience being underground or previous rope work knowledge and keen to learn and apply to caving methods and techniques. The day will be spent in a simple cave system putting the skills into practise and ensuring each caver is confident in these skills.

Date Your Choice Size 8 Ratio 4 Min 8 Max Price £65 pp - Gift Vouchers Available Enquire

Intermediate Caving   

Let us help you take it up or down a level! If you have the core skills and want to learn more this is the course for you. Based around your current skill set together with your instructor you will determine an appropriate level of development and progression for tour day underground.

Date Your Choice Size 4 Ratio 4 Min 6 Max Price £75 pp - Gift Vouchers Available Enquire

Advanced Caving and Rigging - 2 days   

This 2 day course is designed for cavers who are proficient in caving and are looking to bring it all together. Time will be spent above and underground learning and consolidating the skills needed to rig and de-rig a cave system. We will then head underground for the rest of the first day and all of the second to put into practice all that has been learnt on the Specialised Rigging Platform. 

Of course a caving trip would not be complete without a beer in the pub afterwards.

Date Your Choice Size 4 Ratio 1:4 / Min 3 Price £150 pp - Gift Vouchers Available Enquire