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Real Adventure Staff Team

Dan Robinson

I have spent my life here in the Lake District, a fantastic environment for adventure in the great outdoors. From the early age of 12, I found excitement, challenge and fun through climbing, caving and canoeing – I knew then that I had found my passion. This discovery has finally led me to start my current business providing opportunities for people to experience their own Real Adventures …

To date I hold a variety of high level qualifications for use in the outdoor environment. In my “play time” I have climbed all over the UK as well in Colorado and Yosemite and much of Europe and Australia.

This business feels like part of a fantastic journey I have accidentally stumbled upon … I love it.

Presently Mike is working as the Association of Mountaineering Instructors Professional Officer and as a part time AALA Inspector as well as enjoying having all manner of adventures with groups as often as possible. Mike is committed to all aspects of the outdoors, as his contribution as Team Leader of a Lake District Mountain Rescue Team for many years demonstrates.

Mike’s passion for the outdoors is infinite, no matter where he is or who he is with Mike is always having a great time.

As well as the hardcore paddling credentials (Sally is a level four kayak coach and holds the BCU 5 star award), Sally is a keen mountaineer, devoting her winter months to the uncompromising Scottish hills and enjoying the best of the sumer back with us in the Lakes.

Add to this her open, approachable manner and encouraging, inclusive style and we think you’ll agree, you couldn’t ask for more from a leader.

Central to Steve’s educational philosophy is encouragement of independent learning; he wants all the students he teaches to go off and do amazing things for themselves.

Steve recently led a mountain bike trip to Nepal and has climbed and biked in a variety of locations in Europe and America, as well as the UK.

David as held the highest UK mountaineering qualification the mountain instructor certificate (MIC) since 2003, but has been working in the outdoors since 1997. This work has taken him to adventure playgrounds the world over. He remains committed however, to the Lakes and is a regular and first rate Real Adventure instructor.

Oh yeah, he’s pretty handy in a boat too…and down a cave…and on a bike…

Regularly leading treks in the Nepalese and Bhutanese Himalayas she is no stranger to high altitude. Having also summated Kilimanjaro at just under 6,000m Hazel is more than capable of taking on any challenge presented to her. She has a try anything once attitude, which comes across in her work and personal life, encouraging others to take on the challenge of new adventures and experiences.

Working in the outdoors for well over 10 years, and based in the Lakes in between trips for around 7 years, she is completely at home in the mountains and thrives on introducing groups to the outdoors.

It is said that it is not possible for anyone to keep up with Hazel, never staying static for long, if she is not working, running, climbing or biking, then she must be travelling.

Mike Margeson

Mike has climbed and adventured himself and with groups all over the world including Africa, Iceland, Norway, North America and most parts of the European Alps. His love and passion for adventure whether climbing caving or sailing is echoed by a career of over 25 years as a full time mountaineering and Outdoor Education Instructor.

Sally Ozanne

Sally has been working in the outdoors since graduating from university in 2000 with a ba in outdoor studies. Her breadth of experience spans not only the industry but the globe, with paddling and overland expeditions in s.e. Asia, Nepal, India, Patagonia and Bolivia.

Steve Pugh

Steve has been involved in the outdoors since his teenage years, initially as a enthusiastic cyclist, mountain biker and climber. After a remarkable career in marketing, he chose a change of life style and moved to the Lake District. He is now a part time lecturer in outdoor education and spends as much time in a boat or down a cave, as he does on a bike or at the crag.

David Haygarth

David is our own real life spiderman. When he isn’t on the crag, either inspiring clients with his passion and knowledge, or just enjoying his free time and pushing his own limits, he can be found…eating pizza!

Hazel Johnson

Hazel, never without energy…. Having moved around the U.K. from a young age and dragged to various places around the world, she now travels extensively both with work and for pleasure.

Mark Lunn

Mark is our Chef, when he is not working for Real Adventure he can be found in one of Kendal’s finest and exclusive eateries. When he makes it out of the kitchen you will find Mark either on the hills or lakes on his own adventure’s. He just loves cooking food for people.

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