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Sea Kayaking

The Cumbrian coastline is a fantastic location for sea kayaking with its rugged coastline, remote islands, impressive headlands and outstanding wildlife. Locations include St Bees and on a calm day take a trip to Whitehaven. There are two tidal bores in Cumbria, on the Eden and the Kent. The options are endless. There are beautiful hidden coves, our courses take you to some of the most beautiful coastlines. With the UK having such a vast coastline, means that shelter or exposure is never far away. The extensive location options we can ensure the right location, tidal flow and weather condition to suit. Our instructors can choose where to go according to the weather and sea conditions or your personal preference. We are not restricted to locations; we can take you to a location of your choice. We can tailor the course to suit your skill level, from complete beginner to the more ambitious. This could be a simple day trip giving you an introduction to sea kayaking or spending the weekend exploring the extensive coastline, sleeping under canvas and learning new skills.

Sea kayaking

Introduction to Sea Kayaking

You will gain the basic knowledge of coastal waters and the kayak handling techniques specific to the sea, whilst dealing with planning a coastal journey, tides, weather forecasting and sea safety.

Sea kayak

Intermediate Sea Kayaking

Moving onto the next level? Mastered the basics and now ready to develop those skills? You’ll enjoy revising and developing your existing sea kayak techniques

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Advanced Sea Kayaking

​Let us help you step it up a level! If you’ve got the core skills, we’ll show you how to apply new dynamic paddling techniques. We will help you advance your skills.

Sea Kayak Rolling Clinic

​Rolling a sea kayak demands technique and finesse in equal measure but once mastered it is a skill that will increase your confidence as a paddler, making your journeys on the sea far more rewarding. This course will focuses on the specific skills required to roll a sea kayak. Starting with the absolute basics, you’ll progress to confidently rolling a sea kayak working towards the perfect technique.

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