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Hill Skills

We offer an array of hill skills courses to suit all levels and cover all aspects of interest. Whatever your experience, ability or motivation, we will give you all the skills required to have a safe and enjoyable time on the hill in summer conditions. Whether you are looking to pursue National Governing Body Awards or just trying to increase your own personal competence in a mountainous environment, we will help you gain all the skills, techniques and the confidence to take it to the next level.

Real Adventure can offer skills courses set in the Lake District or further further afield. Our instructors are fully qualified, very experienced and keen to ensure you have a great experience.

Introduction to Navigation

Introduction to Navigation

​Get to grips with the fundamentals with the help of a fully qualified instructor. You will be guided through basic navigation techniques such as scales, symbols and grid references to ground shape, measuring distance, taking bearings and using a compass. This course will give you the confidence to get off the beaten track and head into the hills.

Navigation skills

Progressive Navigation Skills

​Looking at developing your navigation skills? Or are your skills slightly rusty? Hill skills not as proficient as you would like?

This course will cover all aspects of advanced navigation for those who wish to develop their navigation skills. Throughout this practical course you will have the opportunity to refine your navigation technique and learn more. It will give you the confidence to find your way in all weather conditions, day or night. This course is for anyone comfortable with the basics of navigation but wanting to gain an insight into navigation in poor visibility and away from paths and tracks.

Teaching Navigation

Teaching Navigation

​This is a fantastic course for those wishing to teach navigation and looking for some new ideas. You will spend the day exploring new teaching methods and learning how to make navigation fun and enjoyable for all.

Overnight Camp

Summer Mountaineering Skills

​Perfect if you are an experienced hillwalker keen to develop the necessary techniques of navigation, route finding, expedition camping, basic ropework and hazard awareness.

This 2 day course concentrates on the techniques required for expeditions and conditions faced in the British mountains. The course includes an overnight camp.

It's great working on these courses. Dan & Jen have taken the time to really think things through and make sure that all the resources are there. That means that as an instructor I can get on and do what I do best - make a relationship with the group and focus on giving them the right level of challenge.

Oh! - and there's always nice fresh coffee!...

Dave Hollingham - Professional Freelance Instructor

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