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Family Adventures

What better way to learn a new outdoor sport than with your family? We've put together a list of outdoor courses and activites designed for the entire family to enjoy together. Always under the watchful eye of our expert instructors you’ll develop your skills together. At Real Adventure we can provide everything you need for a truly memorable day(s) out with your family. Our aim is for your family to leave us having tried a variety of challenging outdoor activities in the safest possible environment. We take great pride in our flexible approach; we can cater for the expert as well as for the beginner and we will make sure that you enjoy the activity as a family.

Introduction to Canoeing

Introduction to Canoeing for Families

​This course introduces you to the basics of handling an open canoe. You will learn to handle a canoe both solo and as part of a tandem crew. You will enyoy the chance to consolidate your new-found skills as a family, paddling across the great lakes of the Lake District or tackling the tranquil rivers and simple white water.

Designed to prepare you to take to the water under your own steam in safety and confidence. During this course you will learn about paddling technique, equipment selection, trip planning, safety and much, much more. But most of all, you will enjoy doing plenty of paddling together.

Introduction to kayaking

Introduction to Kayaking for Families

​This course will give you a thorough grounding in kayaking. You will be introduced to all the equipment and basic skills. On this course there is ample opportunity for coaching and progression. Tailored specifically for families.

WW Kayaking

White Water Kayaking for Families

​You have decided you like kayaking. Now it’s time to experience bouncing down a rapid. This course will give you an introduction to all the techniques you need to handle a boat in the exciting wild water of British rivers. You will also be introduced to Eskimo rolling and we guarantee you will have plenty of opportunity to develop your cold water roll!!

Family climbing day out.

Rock Climbing for Families

​Designed to specifically meet the needs of your family. We will help you progress from never having climbed before to the possibility to feeling confident on the rock. All of the basic ropework, equipment selection and climbing techniques will be covered and always under the direct supervision of our expert staff.

Family Adventure Gallery

We have been doing a few days of family rock-climbing with Dan every year, starting as complete outdoor novices and moving on to increasingly difficult and varied routes over the past five years. Dan manages to combine infinite patience, encouragement, and a great sense of humour with knowing exactly how much and how far to challenge us, so that each time we progress in ways we could never have imagined! Being able to overcome fears of exposure, managing multi-pitch severe (or harder) routes AND being able to enjoy ourselves at the same time is all thanks to Dan's experience as an instructor and his excellent people skills. We have recommended Dan and Real Adventure highly to all our friends and anyone who is looking for brilliant fun, challenge, and adventure!

Gundi, Mark, Laura & Julia Gabbay, Manchester

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