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Single Pitch Award

This Single Pitch Award (SPA) is for those who wish to supervise a group on single pitch crags and climbing walls. It enables holders to supervise people on single pitch crags and climbing walls. To gain this award you need more than just good personal climbing skills. We will teach you about safe group management, indoors and out, crag etiquette, environmental responsibilities and more. You will learn how to become an effective supervisor, encouraging others to enjoy their climbing safely, whilst also improving some of your own climbing skills.

Real Adventure work with MTE Provider Mike Margeson 588 to deliver these courses.

SPA Training

SPA Training

The training course is for potential leaders and assumes basic competence as a rock climber with experience of leading climbs. Before attending the training course candidates must have registered with either the MLTE, MLTS, MLTW, have at least 12 months experience of rock climbing and be not less than 18 years of age. All aspects of the syllabus will be covered during the two day training course and then it is up to you to consolidate before assessment. The training course will have a minimum of four candidates present, and a maximum of eight. The maximum trainer/candidate ratio is 1:4. Larger courses have dual benefits: the varied experience of the candidates enables an individual to have a better chance of seeing how their own skills compare and they also get the opinion of two trainers.

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SPA Assessment

​Before attending the 2 day assessment course, candidates must have attended a Training course (or have been granted exemption), be able to lead Severe grade climbs and hold a valid First Aid Certificate. Our courses start on the Friday night with an introduction to the assessment and theory paper. The Saturday is out on the crag for the day then onto a climbing wall in the evening. Sunday is another day out on a different crag and rock type with final debriefs and individual action plans before departure.

SPA Re Assessment

SPA 1 Day Re Assessment

​These are run by either Dan Robinson or Mike Margeson through Mike’s provider status. The ratio is normally 1:1 or you could team up with another to reduce the cost. No matter what you deferred on we can provide the assessment for you.

Please get in touch for available dates.

£150 1:1

Spa refresher

SPA Refresher

​Run by Dan Robinson these can be tailored to your needs, designed for a skills check before your assessment or to brush up on your training course.

Please get in touch for available dates.

£150 1:1

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