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Up Your Game

You have been climbing for a while and are looking to the next set of skills, even those who have been on the crags for years can learn, brush up old skills, see new techniques... dust off and polish up you knowledge. 

This is for competent climbers who would like to improve their performance. 

Self Rescue

​A vital day for any climber, self rescue skills need to be there in the back of your head, hopefully never to be used.

How and what can you do in an emergency? This single or 2 day course could cover any of the following…

  • core rope work brush up
  • escaping the system
  • evacuating and injured climber
  • ascending and descending, prusiking.
  • traverse rescue’s
  • hoisting

Gift vouchers available.

Dates to suit you

Up your grade

If you want to improve your performance, push your grade, overcome a barrier or climb more confidently then book now. We have managed to up everyones grade that have come along to this course.

Dates to suit you

Kipling grove location 2

Big Wall’s and Portaledge’s

If your planning a big walling trip for the first time or wanting to fine tune your skills after your first epic this 2 day course will allow you to cut the faff and get you in gear for your next adventure. Or maybe you just wish to try sleeping on a wall?

  • Basic clean aid techniques
  • Jumaring systems
  • Hauling
  • Pendulums
  • Sleeping out - Partaledge skills
  • Living on the ledge

We will head out and spend the 2 days on a crag, you will sleep on a portaledge overnight and experience and learn setting you up for your next adventure.

Price includes the use of ledges, haul bags, aid gear, ropes & technical toys.

Classic Lakeland Rock

​If you are looking to head to the crag and get on with enjoying moving over some of the Lake District’s classic rock routes then come with plenty of energy and enjoy a day out on the crag with one of Real Adventure’s Mountain Instructors. We use our vast local knowledge to cover as much rock as you can handle. Inevitably you will learn as you climb however we can mix the day with a spot of teaching and coaching of any area of climbing you wish. This is a taste of one of our “Classic Lakeland Rock” days… Climb Middlefell Buttress and head over to Gimmer Crag to climb Gimmer Crack - the ultra classic of the crag, rap down and quest up Kipling Groove, rap back down and then head out up F Route to finnish with a pint in the Old Dungeon Ghyll. Your Classic rock adventure can be tailored to your wish and climb those route that have been on your tick list for years.

£100 per person

Min 1:1

Max 1:2

Dates to suit you

SPA Training

SPA Training

The training course is for potential leaders and assumes basic competence as a rock climber with experience of leading climbs. Before attending the training course candidates must have registered with either the MLTE, MLTS, MLTW, have at least 12 months experience of rock climbing and be not less than 18 years of age. All aspects of the syllabus will be covered during the two day training course and then it is up to you to consolidate before assessment. The training course will have a minimum of four candidates present, and a maximum of eight. The maximum trainer/candidate ratio is 1:4. Larger courses have dual benefits: the varied experience of the candidates enables an individual to have a better chance of seeing how their own skills compare and they also get the opinion of two trainers.

Now relax!

SPA Assessment

​Before attending the 2 day assessment course, candidates must have attended a Training course (or have been granted exemption), be able to lead Severe grade climbs and hold a valid First Aid Certificate. Our courses start on the Friday night with an introduction to the assessment and theory paper. The Saturday is out on the crag for the day then onto a climbing wall in the evening. Sunday is another day out on a different crag and rock type with final debriefs and individual action plans before departure.

U18’s Climbing Discount

​We are keen to see young climbers learn the art of traditional uk rock climbing, so, we offer a 50% discount to anyone U18 who is a climber and wants to book on any of our Climb Now Work Later or Up Your Grade that take place on natural rock, also excluding over nights and qualifications.

With our AALA licence & with the permission of parents we can work with a pair of U18’s. Coffee and a chat preferred beforehand.

If a pair comprises of both 18+ and U18 the discount still applies to the U18.

Discount only applies to young people who have climbing in their heart and a wish to climb for the rest of their lives.

Dates to suit you but no skipping school.

Portaledge’s with EE

We have been doing a few days of family rock-climbing with Dan every year, starting as complete outdoor novices and moving on to increasingly difficult and varied routes over the past five years. Dan manages to combine infinite patience, encouragement, and a great sense of humour with knowing exactly how much and how far to challenge us, so that each time we progress in ways we could never have imagined! Being able to overcome fears of exposure, managing multi-pitch severe (or harder) routes AND being able to enjoy ourselves at the same time is all thanks to Dan's experience as an instructor and his excellent people skills. We have recommended Dan and Real Adventure highly to all our friends and anyone who is looking for brilliant fun, challenge, and adventure!

Gundi, Mark, Laura & Julia Gabbay, Manchester

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