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4GEE Community Cinema Club

Published: 19 Jul 2017 in Bolting, Family and Group Adventures, Gear Reviews, Qualifications, Staff at Play, Technical Committee, Technical Courses, Video, Winter Conditions, Young People.

For me, when I was young, a trip to the cinema meant a 40 min drive and a rare occasion. ​It has been great to work with EE, we have been one of the first to experience a screening from the 4GEE Community Cinema Club. What a treat… to finish a day’s rock climbing on Gimmer Crag with a movie snuggled up with a brew on a portaledge! Our team carried 984kg of kit to...Read more

Have you checked your camming devices recently?

Published: 29 Nov 2013 in Bolting, Gear Reviews, Qualifications, Staff at Play, Technical Committee, Technical Courses.

​I stand on the BMC Technical Committee representing the Association of Mountaineering Instructors and over recent years we have been receiving an alarming number of cam failures, these have been a result of users not checking them thoroughly for wear and tear. Click the link here to read more on the BMC website. Dan RobinsonRead more

Staff Day Out

Published: 22 Jul 2011 in Staff at Play.

​What a way to unwind after a long year. We canoed out to Peal Island with the teachers from Lindale and Marton School and had a BBQ after some fun and challenge along the way. Highlights of the afternoon / evening were jumping off the island into the lake and having a good swim about, stories over the BBQ with a small glass, then more fun as we swam under the boats and...Read more

Boot Failure

Published: 30 Dec 2010 in Staff at Play, Winter Conditions.

Today we headed over East where it is a little colder and more snow. We skinned into the Corrie’s to climb Aladdin’s Mirror Direct, head out over the top and back down the ski runs. The plan was scuppered when Andrews boot fell apart, one of the bolts that hold the thing together fell out rendering his progression disabled so we limped back to the van and out...Read more

Testing the Limits of Soft Shell

Published: 29 Dec 2010 in Staff at Play, Winter Conditions.

Alan Halewood was free to climb with so we headed in to have a look at what was safe and possible during this slight thaw and mild conditions. As we walked in the ice in the Castle Coire was so obvious that we went to Compression Crack. we solo’ed up to the foot of the first steep ice pitch for me to take the first lead of the day. The second pitch traversed right...Read more

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