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Have you checked your camming devices recently?

Published: 29 Nov 2013 in Bolting, Gear Reviews, Qualifications, Staff @ Play, Technical Committee, Technical Courses.

​I stand on the BMC Technical Committee representing the Association of Mountaineering Instructors and over recent years we have been receiving an alarming number of cam failures, these have been a result of users not checking them thoroughly for wear and tear. Click the link here to read more on the BMC website. Dan RobinsonRead more

BMC Bolt Lower off Video

Published: 23 Dec 2010 in Gear Reviews.

The BMC‘s Technical Committee is an accumulation of experts from the climbing world. Members consist of Metallurgists, Engineers, Manufacturers, and the likes. I stand on the committee as a technical expert from an instructional / user point of view. The committee is a vital part of testing faulty equipment and creating and enhancing the UIAA and EN standards on...Read more

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