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4GEE Community Cinema Club

Published: 19 Jul 2017 in Bolting, Family and Group Adventures, Gear Reviews, Qualifications, Staff at Play, Technical Committee, Technical Courses, Video, Winter Conditions, Young People.

For me, when I was young, a trip to the cinema meant a 40 min drive and a rare occasion. ​It has been great to work with EE, we have been one of the first to experience a screening from the 4GEE Community Cinema Club. What a treat… to finish a day’s rock climbing on Gimmer Crag with a movie snuggled up with a brew on a portaledge! Our team carried 984kg of kit to...Read more

Explore South Lakeland

Published: 25 Nov 2013 in Family and Group Adventures, Technical Courses.

Real Adventure is now on Explore South Lakeland, a website that is designed to help visitors make the most out of a trip to the area. Explore South Lakeland has been set up by South Lakes District Council (SLDC) to promote exploration, exercise and tourism in the Lake District to those looking for adventure and excitement. Read more

Family Ghyll Scramble

Published: 31 Jul 2012 in Family and Group Adventures.

​Today we took a family up Church Beck. They were just at the start of their holiday which was the main part to walk along Hadrian’s Wall. It was just what they needed to kick start their trip. The whole family had a great time and the Girls… one 8 and the other 11 did ace considering that we did an accent of the whole ghyll. The day finished with a mug of...Read more

Stag Abseil and Ghyll

Published: 26 May 2012 in Family and Group Adventures.

​6 lads staying at a great little camping barn just outside of Kendal (Wythmoor Farm Camping Barn) wanted to do something a little different to the norm for a stag. We took them to do a big abseil off cathedral quarry and provided a BBQ for their lunch and then headed over to cool off in church beck.Read more

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