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Staff Day Out

Published: 22 Jul 2011 in Staff at Play.

​What a way to unwind after a long year. We canoed out to Peal Island with the teachers from Lindale and Marton School and had a BBQ after some fun and challenge along the way. Highlights of the afternoon / evening were jumping off the island into the lake and having a good swim about, stories over the BBQ with a small glass, then more fun as we swam under the boats and...Read more

Canoeing on Coniston with Sir John Barrow

Published: 19 Jul 2011 in Young People.

Sir John Barrow School do a great job at running their own school residential course each year. Their staff are well experienced and some qualified to a level that they are happy to run some of the activities that the young people do when they are away with them. This year we went along to help out with the canoeing day. John Kettle brought our set of Open Canoes over...Read more

River Study

Published: 15 Jul 2011 in Young People.

Today we picked up all the year 5 & 6 from Lindale in Marton school and after an initial classroom session to teach them the basics and hand out wellies and waterproofs we headed up to the Walna Scar Road area nr Coniston and complete a full study of the river investigating how a river changes as it moves downstream. From sauce to mature river the team measured the...Read more

St Christopher’s LSP

Published: 08 Jul 2011 in Young People.

Based at Great Tower Scout Camp on Windermere 48 pupils from St Christopher’s School spent eight days and seven nights exploring the Lake District. Walking up mountains, crawling underneath them, scrambling up ghylls, climbing up the rock, abseiling down, paddling on the lake and all whilst building personal confidence and teamwork skills…. So much to fit in!...Read more
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